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BEL Japan, Inc.
비표면적 (BET surface area),금속분산도 (Metal Dispersion Rate),촉매특성평가 (TPD/TPR/TPO),부피식흡착 (volumatric sorption),화학흡착 (chemisorption),물리흡착 (physisorption)

Automatic gas and vapor adsorption analyzer

카탈로그 다운버튼


The BELSORP-max is designed for wide range adsorption isotherm for surface area and pore size distribution analysis. It can measure adsorption isotherms from relative pressure as low as 1 x10-8 (N2 at 77K, Ar at 87K), using a 13.3Pa pressure transducer. Also AFSM, the new method for free space measurement, is applied and adsorption isotherm can be measured with high accuracy. Chemisorption option enables unattended chemisorption measurement from pretreatment with step programs.




-Specific surface area, pore size distribution, vapor adsorption and chemisorption (OP) can be measured.
-Adsorption measurement from extremely low pressure (p/po=10-8 - 0.997)
-Up to 3 samples can be measured simultaneously.
-Fully automated chemisorption option is available.- Kr adsorption is available for low surface area material.
-Coolant level controller is no longer necessary and high reproducible data can be obtained (AFSM).
-BELSim, which analyze the pore size distribution by NLDFT and GCMC simulation method can be incorporated into the powerful data analysis software, BELMaster.
-ISO 9277 and JIS Z 8830 compliant



Measuring principle Volumetric gas adsorption method+AFSM
Adsorptive N2, Ar, Kr, NH3, CO2, H2, CO, O2, CH4 and other non-corrosive gases
H2O, MeOH, EtOH, C6H6 and other non-corrosive vapor
Analysis port STD mode (p/p0=10-4 - 0.997) 3 ports
High accuracy mode (p/p0=10-4 - 0.997) 2 ports
High accuracy mode (p/p0=10-8 - 0.997) 1 port (OP : 2 ports)
Specific surface area 0.01m2/g and above (N2/77K)
0.0005 m2/g and above (Kr/77K)
Pore size distribution 0.32 - 500 nm in pore diameter
Pressure transducer 133 kPa (1000Torr) 0.5 % of F.S. 5 units
1.33kPa (10Torr) 0.5% of R. 2 units (OP : 3 units)
0.0133kPa (0.1Torr) 0.15% of R. 1 units (OP : 2 units)
Thermostated air oven 40oC
Dewar vessel Volume 2.6L
Holding time 60H
Sample cell Approx. 1.8cm3 (Option: 5 cm3)
Vacuum pump Turbo molecular drug pump + Fore vacuum pump(OP)
Ultimate vacuum: 6.7 x 10-7 Pa and below
Vacuum gauge Pirani + Cold cathode gauge (ATM - 5x10-7 Pa)
Physical W565 x H850 x D580 mm, 84 kg
(Not includes vacuum pump, computer and its peripheral)
Power Single phase: AC100-120V or 200-240V / 1500VA
(400VA is for vacuum pump)