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항유화성 항유화도 (demulsibility),윤활유 (lubricant oil)

Automated Demulsibility Tester

카탈로그 다운버튼





• Adjustment, save and storage options of different method parameters
• User memory and actual user identification
• Sample ID
• Storage capacity: over 10,000 measurement results
• User adjustable parameter options to perform custom methods based on the following:
- custom stirring, tempering and measurement time
- custom measurement temperature
- custom stirring speed or non-stirring method
• Real time view of the sample compartment displayed during measurements
• Long-life unique LED lightsource
• Uniform sample illumination
• Bubble elimination function
• Multiple safety features:
- positioning sensors for stirrer movement
- protection against overheating
- bath level detection
• Stable test tube positioning
• Long-life components
• Low maintenance requirements



Technical Data

• ISO 6614 and ASTM D1401 standard method compliance
• Temperature range: room temperature to 90°C (freely adjustable by user)
• Bath temperature stability: ≤ ±1.0 °C
• Sample positions: 6 test tubes
• Bath discharge valve
• Stirrer speed: 500 – 1600 RPM (freely adjustable by user)
• Stability of stirring speed: ≤ ±15 RPM @1500 RPM
• Image processing: 5 Megapixel CCD camera
• I/O: USB (2x) and RS232C (1x) to connect to control PC
• Control software: Windows-based software (compatible with Win7 32/64bit, Win 8),
which records measurement parameters, measuring data and evaluation result.
Also contains user interface, database, imaging-, automatic evaluation- and system
protection modules.
• Measurement results can be printed in graphical or tabular forms on external printer
• Bath volume: 18 L
• Power supply: 110 – 230 VAC, max. 3.2 kW
• Size (DxWxH) / Weight (with empty bath): 70x64x108 cm / ~120 kg