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비표면적 (BET surface area),부피식흡착 (volumatric sorption),물리흡착 (physisorption)

Automatic gas and vapor adsorption analyzer

카탈로그 다운버튼





Measures up to 4 specimens simultaneously with the highest level of
precision and reproducibility in the world and a drastic reduction
in measurement time.



High precision measurement at 1.5x throughput
Simultaneous measurement of up to 4 specimens and high precision
simultaneous measurement of 3 specimens.


Measurement time is significantly shortened
The dedicated exhaust valve and improved software greatly reduces
measurement time.


Equipped with GDO* functionality [NEW]
Speedy measurement with optimum amount of gas dosing based on
adsorption isotherm data from previous sample measurement.

*Gas Dosing Optimization


Automatically measures adsorption isotherms according to
minimum condition settings
Capable of measuring adsorption isotherms of the first sample
with minimum condition settings.


Equipped with AFSMTM for increased measurement precision and reproducibility
(Domestic patent: #3756919 / US Patent: 6,595,036)
The adoption of Advanced Free Space Measurement (AFSMTM) has resulted in
improved measurement accuracy and reproducibility.


Adsorption isotherm measurement of various gases over a wide range
of temperatures
The gas selector and various temperature devices allow adsorption
isotherm measurement of various gases over a wide temperature range.


Progress of measurement can be monitored on software. [NEW]
The progress status of a measurement can be checked at a glance,
improving working efficiency of measurers.


Improved operability
The slide and latch mechanism allows easy attachment/detachment of
temperature devices such as Dewar vessels.


Improved maintainability
Improved maintenance software enables monitoring of the performance of each part.


Smallest, most lightweight implementation in the world [NEW]

The selection of optimum materials has resulted in the world's smallest
and most lightweight instrument.
Conforming to JIS Z8830, Z8831-2, K6217-7 and ISO 9277, 15901-2, 18852.













The instrument can be used in a wide range of areas including catalysts,
fuel cells, batteries, fibers, polymer materials, medicine, pigments,
cosmetics, magnetic powder, separation membranes, filters, toner, cement,
ceramics and semiconductor materials.