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Foam Plus Series

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윤활유 (lubricant oil),기포성시험 (foaming test)

Air Foam Test Bath Modules

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Test Method

The ASTM D892 test method covers the determination of the foaming characteristics of lubricating oils at 24°C
and 93.5°C. The test essentially consists of conditioning the sample at required temperature and when the
sample has reached temperature, air is blown into the sample at 94 ml/min for 5 minutes. The foam remaining
after 10 minutes from then is recorded. This is indicative of the foaming tendency of the oil. The test is
sequentially done first at 24’C then at 93.5’C and then again at 24’C.For the ASTM D6082 the procedure is the
same except that the test is run only at one temperature 150’C and the airflow is 200 ml/min.




Apparatus Design

As mentioned in the above section since the ASTM D892 is carried out in three sequences 24’C, 93.5’C and 24’C,
for production purposes it is prudent to have two positions at 24’C and one position at 93.5’C. Further if ASTM
D6082 was also being done then another position is needed at 150’C. In Traditional foam apparatus, the average
time to heat from 24’C to 93.5’C is about 30 minutes and from 93.5’C to 150’C is about 30 minutes. Similarly
cooling down from 150’C to 93.5’C takes about 30 minutes and from 93.5’C to 24’C takes about 30 minutes. Hence
changing bath temperatures during test sequences is grossly inefficient.

With this in mind, Forza has come up with an efficient design of a modular apparatus. This modular apparatus is
a one-test position unit fully equipped to run the test.Firstly, this unit uses air as the bath medium. It does not
have the unsafe and messy liquid bath medium of traditional baths. Further in this case the question of cross
contamination of the test samples with silicon oil bath medium is eliminated. The cabinet is sturdy and well
insulated with good visibility through a high temperature scratch proof glass viewing window in the front. The
proprietary heating system is state of the art and microprocessor based with a touch panel interface. A high
temperature limit is provided for safety, The Forza unit also has a mass flow controller which is far more accurate
than rotameters which are susceptible to the changes of upstream and downstream pressure. In a mass flow
controller the air delivery to the diffuser stone is repeatable and accurate irrespective of pressure or
temperature changes. A mass flow based totalizer is also provided to monitor exit air as recommended by the
test method. This modular unit has a small foot print.



Key Features

• Complies with the requirements of ASTM D892, D6082 and related methods
• Air foam bath for performing tests at 24’C, 93.5’C or 150’C
• Operational temperature range of ‘Ambient+5c to 160’C’ with bath stability of better than +/- 0.5C
• The unit is modular and compact and is fully equipped to run one test position. This affords the client the
  choice of using as many independent units as needed.
• The bath medium is air and eliminates the use of traditional bath liquids. Liquid bath mediums are potentially
  dangerous and also cause cross contamination of samples especially where silicon oil mediums are used.
• The Forza heated air baths are safe and clean.
• The Forza bath is a well-lit, well-insulated air foam-heating bath with a scratchproof high temperature glass
  for good visibility allowing for easy monitoring of foaming test oils.
• A microprocessor based state of the art system controls temperature, air mass flow, air mass totals and timers.
• The air start, stop and settle timers are automatic.
• All test parameters like temperature flow and times are displayed and controlled on a touch panel interface.
• Totalizer as standard in all modules.
• Mass Flow Controller Range : 94 +/-5 mL/min for ASTM D892 (or) 200 +/-5 mL/min For ASTM D6082 with
  Accuracy of +1% FS*
• High temperature safety cut -off provided




Software Features

The software is very intuitive and displays the temperature of the sample, the flow rate, the total flow and the
soaking, foaming and settling times. Screens are also provided for setup and calibration of temperatures, air
flows and times. The sequence of starting the air blowing, stopping it in 5 minutes and warning alerts are all
automated. Our Proprietary F-HAT system combined with special algorithm provide you the unique uniformity
in Heating, Airflow and temperature.



Safety Features

• Safety limit for very high temperature•High temperature scratch proof glass viewing window in the front
• Password protected
• No cross contamination of test samples as compared to traditional silicon oil baths.




Advantage of Modular Test Position System

This modular one test position system offered by Forza enables a client to buy the exact number of positions
required. As demand grows more single modular units may be bought. Further the units can be set up to run
one temperature and not be heated up or cooled down frequently. This results in an enormous time saving.
The units may be placed in different parts of the lab to optimize bench space.