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Visco Plus

Forza International
윤활유 (lubricant oil),점도 (viscosity)

Automatic Low Temperature Viscosity Tester

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Key Features


• Programmable liquid visibility bath.
• Windows-based, high-resolution 7-inch touch panel and data aquisition system.
• Fully astm d2983 compliant software.
• Superior data reproducibility and repeatability.
• Replaces the need for balsa wood carriers.
• Operating temperature range from +20° to -40°c (optional -55’c model is available).
• Temperature stability better than ±0.1°c.
• Full visibility of the immersed sample.
• Easy to export data to usb and then to other data processing softwares.




Apparatus Design

Forza ViscoPlus Series of test equipment are softwaredriven low teperature viscosity baths,designed to be
compliant with ASTM D2983 for Low-Temperature Viscosity of Automatic Transmission Fluids, Hydraulic
Fluids, and Lubricants using a Rotational Viscometer.

These units come with a 7- inch, high resolution touch screen.

The software have a detailed screen to display the cooling profile required for ASTM D2983.

The turntable holds 10 test samples. After the 16 hours conditioning time, the turntable is manually rotated until
the proper test cell is under the viscometer. The spindle is connected while the sample is still in the liquid bath. This
allows the measurement of viscosity without removing the sample from the temperature controlled environment.

Far superior viscosity data repeatability is obtained using this procedure as opposed to the air chamber procedure.


Operating temperature range of the programmable liquid baths is +20° to -40°C. Optional -55'C models are available
on request.Temperature control is within ±0.1°C